Our Work With Li'i

September 13, 2023

The Friends of Toki care team is dedicated to the ongoing care and welfare of Li’i and has remained onsite daily since Toki’s passing.  We are working closely with MSQ and their veterinary team to provide Li’i with his needed daily care and support until a facility with conspecifics is ready to receive him.

From daily feedings and enrichment activities to medical checkups, we are committed to doing everything for his overall health and well-being.

Our Hearts Our Broken. Our beloved Toki has passed Away.

August 18, 2023

Over the last two days, Toki started exhibiting serious signs of discomfort, which her full Miami Seaquarium and Friends of Toki medical team began treating immediately and aggressively. Despite receiving the best possible medical care, she passed away Friday afternoon from what is believed to be a renal condition.

Toki was an inspiration to all who had the fortune to hear her story and especially to the Lummi nation that considered her family. Those of us who have had the honor and privilege to spend time with her will forever remember her beautiful spirit.

Toki (Lolita)

Toki is a Southern Resident Killer Whale who was captured from the waters in the Pacific Northwest when she was approximately four years old. Today, nearly 53 years later in a collaborative effort between Friends of Toki and the Miami Seaquarium, with the support of Jim Irsay, this unprecedented project to return Toki to her home waters in an ocean-based habitat is underway. 

Friends of Toki/Friends of Lolita

“It is a sacred privilege to share in the mission of caring for and bringing home Lolita, our beloved one,” said Pritam Singh, Co-Founder of Friends of Toki. “My thanks to all the team, particularly Eduardo Albor, Jim Irsay and Raynell Morris, for all their efforts and support.”

News & Updates

Health Progress 07/31/2023

Health Progress 07/31/2023

Health Progress 07/31/2023 Health and Welfare Assessment of Tokitae. Report of James McBain, DVM retired, and Stephanie Norman, DVM, PhD...

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Health Progress 07/09/2023

Health Progress 07/09/2023

Health Progress 07/09/2023 In this video taken on July 09, 2023, Dr. Tom Reidarson, DVM, DACZM shares information about Toki’s health...

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Toki’s Conditioning Is Underway

Toki and Lii showing their activity levels during a play session.

Toki’s Health Updates

“Once she is conditioned by the great work that’s being done with the trainers, she’ll be ready.”

– Dr. Tom Reidarson, DVM, DACZM

Toki is being provided veterinary care by exceptional veterinarians brought in by Friends of Toki and the Miami Seaquarium to assess her health and provide daily care.  Monthly health and welfare assessments are shared with the public.