Health Progress 07/31/2023

Health and Welfare Assessment of Tokitae. Report of James McBain, DVM retired, and Stephanie Norman, DVM, PhD

During July, Toki’s condition has remained relatively stable.  She is currently experiencing another bout of abdominal/stomach discomfort which has improved in the last 24 hours and we hope to resolve within the next few days.  As previously, her energy, appetite, and engagement in daily activities have been steady.  Since adding approximately 3-4% of squid to her diet, we believe this has had a positive impact on her gastrointestinal tract.  We plan to slowly increase the amount with the eventual goal of squid being approximately 10% of her daily diet.  We continue to seek out the best quality fish for Toki, and are currently feeding the highest quality salmon, herring, and capelin available on the market from 2023 catches